Bahrain Visa


Bahrain, a nation comprising more than 30 islands in the Persian Gulf, has been at the center of major trade routes since antiquity. In its modern capital, Manama, the acclaimed Bahrain National Museum showcases artifacts from the ancient Dilmun civilization that flourished in the region for millennia. The city’s thriving Bab el-Bahrain souk offers wares from colorful handwoven fabrics and spices to pearls.


  • Copy of the applicant’s passport. (Family Page and any additional information page).
  • Copy of valid confirmed return air ticket.
  • Copy of hotel booking in Kingdom of Bahrain. Alternately, in case you are staying with a relative/friend, please provide a copy of their ID reader's print out.
  • Copy of a bank statement under the visitor's name covering the last three months with an ending balance of not less than the equivalent of USD 1000.
  1. Visit Visa - 2 Weeks Single Entry - Single Entry - 2 week - BHD : 15
  2. Visit Visa - One Year Multiple Entry - Multiple - 90 Days - BHD : 55
  3. Visit Visa - Three Months Multiple Entry - Multiple - 1 Month - BHD : 20

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